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Antoine Baudin

DO Osteopath in Laval

Antoine Baudin - Osteopath DO in Laval

My practice is based on three fundamental values: attentive listening, mutual respect, and impeccable professionalism. Listening and respect are essential elements for establishing a balanced relationship during our consultations. They allow me to work in collaboration with you to find solutions tailored to your issues. Professionalism complements these values by focusing on listening and respect. During our consultations, I distinguish myself by my integrity and honesty. Additionally, I commit to constantly updating my skills and knowledge to provide you with the most optimal care possible.

Antoine BaudinDO Osteopath

An attentive, precise, and effective osteopath.

A recognized degree

Graduated from the Conservatoire Supérieur d'Ostéopathie de Paris (CSO Paris). Training meets WHO criteria: over 5,700 hours of full-time training over five years.

Specialized training

  • Pain neuroscience – Laurent Fabre (CFPCO)
  • The 1SK method – Théo Chaumeil and Anthony Halimi

Up-to-date knowledge


Services offered by Antoine Baudin


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopath

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent needs.


Supporting you towards performance

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Wendy PabionOn Google

Excellent follow-up from Thomas and Antoine!

Meet Antoine Baudin

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“Establishing a healthy relationship is crucial, and it starts with communication based on listening, support, and trust. My main goal is to create an environment conducive to establishing this climate, thus fostering synergistic collaboration to meet your needs.

Then, it is essential to find concrete solutions to your problems, especially to alleviate your pain. It is also vital to guide you in establishing new habits and gestures to become autonomous after the consultation.

This approach of support and therapeutic alliance is at the heart of my daily practice.”

Antoine BaudinDO Osteopath

Nature Enthusiast

Antoine has developed a deep passion for nature, its fauna, and flora. He truly enjoys exploring these environments and plans to explore the vast expanses that Canada has to offer. The feeling of being ‘tiny’ in these grand landscapes excites him, and he eagerly engages in various activities such as climbing, hiking, bivouacking, cycling, and kayaking.

& Intellectual Seeker

Cinema and reading also play an important role in his interests. These mediums allow him to perceive the world around him from a different angle and to travel inwardly. Although he cannot yet fully dedicate himself to these activities, he plans to do so soon!

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced techniques

Tissue osteopathy
Musculoskeletal osteopathy
Structural osteopathy
Functional osteopathy
Cranial osteopathy
Visceral osteopathy
Muscle energy techniques

Varied requests

Digestive sphere
ENT sphere
Somato-emotional sphere
Care of athletes
TMJ and jaw disorders
Hormonal and endocrine sphere

Multiple experiences

Consultations during sports events (soccer, trail running, triathlon, etc.)

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Renowned osteopathy clinic in Laval

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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ protocol that we apply to each patient. On the contrary, osteopathy proposes a completely individual approach, based on each patient, each journey, each situation.

You are unique, and so is every consultation.

The approach proposed by osteopathy is complementary to that of traditional medicine. It does not replace, but rather complements, always with the intention of working in synergy with you in the first place, but also with all the professionals who surround and support you. This is the true therapeutic alliance.

Athlete Follow-up

Osteopathy offers comprehensive support that can meet numerous objectives. Preventive action, performance enhancement, post-trauma care, before a sports event or competition, to improve your sports movements and postures, etc. Whether you are an amateur, professional, or semi-pro, our team offers personalized and individualized follow-up according to your goals and expectations. Performance, recovery, sports resumption. No matter where you are in your practice, we can support you, while working in synergy with the medical team that already accompanies you.

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Where to consult Antoine Baudin?

Osteopathy Clinic in Laval

Bélanger – Pont Viau – Domaine du Boise – Duvernay – Vimont – Auteuil

1 place Laval – Suite 160

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm
Until 10 pm from Tuesday to Friday
Open Sunday for emergencies

Payment by credit, debit, or cash
Receipt for insurance


Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone



Appointments on Sundays and public holidays - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support


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