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Benjamin Guillot

DO Osteopath and Manager in Rosemère

Benjamin Guillot - DO Osteopath and Manager in Rosemère

My osteopathic practice is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and a holistic approach to health. I provide attentive listening and empathy to my patients, personalizing care to meet their specific needs. Sharing knowledge is essential to educate patients and help prevent the recurrence of problems. My personal passion for osteopathy guides my practice, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. These foundations ensure a comprehensive and individualized approach to the well-being of my patients. The 3 serve the same goal: to offer you the best possible care.
Rigor involves both a continuous update of my knowledge and ongoing reflection. To achieve a lasting result in line with your goals, it is necessary to always evaluate what we do together in consultation. And to see how it evolves over time.

Benjamin GuillotDO Osteopath

An attentive, precise, and effective osteopath.

A recognized degree

Graduate of the Institut Supérieur d'Ostéopathie Isostéo in Aix-en-Provence (France). Training meeting WHO criteria: more than 5,700 hours of training over 6 years full-time.

Specialized training

Trained throughout his life in osteopathic practice by a mentor in osteopathy, his grandfather.

Up-to-date knowledge

  • The Microbiome and its medical applications
  • Review of a life in Surgery

Services offered by Benjamin Guillot


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopath

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent needs.


Pregnancy, childbirth preparation, postpartum, breastfeeding, etc.


Birth, sleep and crying, skull deformations, GERD, digestive disorders, etc.


Digestive disorders, ADHD, ENT problems, dental braces, etc.

Testimonials from Benjamin's patients

Read what our customers are saying about Benjamin.

Lucas GOn Google

Benjamin is an exceptional osteopath. His passion for his work is reflected in every consultation. Thanks to him, I feel much less twisted.

Sophie DOn Google

I am really impressed by the care provided by Benjamin. His ability to understand and resolve my health issues has been outstanding. I highly recommend him!

Marion BOn Google

I was fortunate to meet Benjamin for a persistent back problem. His professional approach and deep knowledge convinced me that I am in good hands.

Emma ROn Google

Benjamin is an exceptionally dedicated osteopath. His holistic approach has allowed me to understand the roots of my health problems and resolve them. I am grateful for his excellence.

LaurentOn Google

Quick appointment and quality care. My pains have disappeared, and I have been able to improve my sports performance.
Very good clinic, I recommend.

Meet Benjamin Guillot

“My experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the human body and its mechanisms. My patient-centered approach, combining attentive listening and empathy, fosters a trusting relationship with my patients. I strive to personalize each treatment based on individual needs, ensuring quality care. My professional journey has also allowed me to explore various health spheres, enhancing my ability to treat a wide variety of disorders.”

Benjamin GuillotDO Osteopath


His diverse practical experience allows him to treat a wide variety of health problems, thereby strengthening his reputation as an expert in osteopathy.

and Passionate

His passion for the osteopathic profession is undeniable. Every day, he fully commits to his practice, constantly seeking to improve his patient care. This passion is the driving force that pushes him to excel and maintain the highest standards of quality in his profession.

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced techniques

Musculoskeletal Osteopathy
Structural Osteopathy
Functional Osteopathy
Visceral Osteopathy
Pediatric Osteopathy
Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial and Myotensive Techniques

Varied requests

Digestive Sphere
Neurological Sphere
Neuromotor development of children and adults

Multiple experiences

Managed several clinics in France before settling in Quebec and joining the Axiome group

Make an appointment with a professional osteopath

Renowned osteopathy clinic in Quebec

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There is no one-size-fits-all protocol that we apply to every patient. On the contrary, osteopathy offers a completely individualized approach, based on each patient, their unique journey, and their specific situation.

You are unique, and each consultation is as well.

The approach offered by osteopathy is complementary to traditional medicine. It does not replace it but rather complements it. Always with the aim of working in synergy with you first and foremost, as well as with all the professionals who surround and support you. This is the essence of a true therapeutic alliance.

Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Early Childhood

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is also taking care of your baby. But this remains true even after birth. The postpartum period is a pivotal time during which it is important to continue to surround yourself with support. The concept of the ‘fourth trimester’ of pregnancy is increasingly discussed. Establishing breastfeeding, hormonal balance, sleep are all spheres that can be explored with an osteopath expert in perinatality. Moreover, it is possible to consult from birth for your baby. All techniques used during pregnancy, postpartum, or in pediatrics are gentle and safe.

ostéopathie grossesse terrebonne
ostéopathe laval qc

Sports Follow-up

Osteopathy offers comprehensive support to meet a wide range of objectives. Preventive action, performance enhancement, post-trauma recovery, preparation for a sports event or competition, improvement of sports gestures and postures, etc. Whether you are an amateur, professional, or semi-professional, our team provides personalized and individual follow-up based on your goals and expectations. Performance, recovery, return to sports. No matter where you are in your practice, we can support you while working in synergy with the medical team that already accompanies you.

Where to consult Benjamin Guillot?

Osteopathy Clinic in Rosemère

Historic Center of Rosemère

388 Chemin de la Grande Côte


Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone



Appointments on Sundays and public holidays - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support


Mother & Infant

Two consultations in one: for you and for the baby - Reduced rate to allow better access to care during the postpartum period - $185 instead of $210 for both consultations


Don't wait any longer to take care of yourself, make an appointment

Make an appointment with Benjamin Guillot, at our Axiome osteopathy clinic in Rosemere