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Osteopathic Emergency

Osteopathy Clinics in Montreal, Terrebonne, Laval or Cochrane

Osteopathic Emergency

At our Quebec and Alberta clinics, our dedicated osteopaths are on standby for urgent care needs, available seven days a week, including evenings and Sundays. We specialize in providing prompt osteopathic care, understanding the critical nature of your situation without it being a medical emergency. We recognize the importance of your time and health, ensuring you don’t have to compromise a day’s work for ailments like backaches. For immediate attention and compassionate care, reach out to us at 514-212-9482.

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Charlotte MommatonOn Google

I have had several appointments at Axiom Plus Clinic and am very satisfied with the care and attention. I recommend!

Jean Claude HoOn Google

Very professional, I recommend. My back pain has disappeared since!

Clémence BalletOn Google

Very professional and attentive, I recommend this clinic!

Mathilde PerallatOn Google

Two very good sessions that got me back on track for several months. I appreciated the approach, very attentive and effective.

Caroline de RosierOn Google

Quick appointment, attentive practitioners, and effective treatments! I recommend.

Anne FiliatraultOn Google

Very competent staff!! Beyond my expectations!

Sarah ZiganOn Google

The best osteopath! He finally found what was causing my pain. I recommend him!!

Isabelle AyotteOn Google

A very good place to get your back realigned. The service is very quick and efficient.

Jo MaisonneuveOn Google

Great service, great care, my family and I have seen several of the clinic's professionals and we are very satisfied.

Elisabeth LadouceurOn Google

A great team of attentive and competent people! I recommend them to everyone!

An emergency osteopath


Back pain, sciatica, lower back pain, locked back, etc.


Stiff neck, locked neck, cervical pain, etc.

Jaw and Head

Locked jaw, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, migraine, headache, etc.


Digestive disorders, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

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Renowned osteopathy clinics in Quebec and Alberta.

sos otéopathe québec axiome

SOS Osteopathy

The 3 Axiom Plus clinics in Quebec, along with our clinic in Cochrane, Alberta, are open 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. The clinics are open during holidays and public holidays.

The clinics in Terrebonne and Laval are the emergency osteopathy clinics open 7/7 for the surrounding region (Mascouche, Bois des Filion, Lachenaie, Sainte-Anne des Plaines, Saint-lin-Laurentides, Saint-Roch Ouest, Saint-Esprit, Sainte-Julienne, Rawdon, etc.).

The one in Montreal is one of the few clinics open 7 days a week in Montreal, including Saturdays and Sundays. Similarly, our Cochrane clinic extends its services to the community, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our patients.

Our entire team across all locations, including Cochrane, is mobilized to offer you an appointment on the same day, ensuring prompt and efficient care.

Frequently asked questions

Your Health, Our Priority: Answers to Your Questions

What is Emergency Osteopathy?

Emergency osteopathy at Axiom Plus clinics involves providing urgent osteopathic care for non-life-threatening conditions. Our osteopaths are available seven days a week, including evenings and Sundays, to address acute issues like back pain, sciatica, neck stiffness, jaw problems, and digestive disorders.

When Should I Seek Emergency Osteopathic Care?

You should seek emergency osteopathic care for sudden and acute musculoskeletal discomforts such as severe back pain, sciatica, locked neck, difficulty with jaw movement, migraines, and acute digestive issues. These conditions, while not life-threatening, require prompt attention.

Are Axiom Plus Clinics Available for Emergency Appointments During Weekends and Holidays?

Yes, the Axiom Plus clinics in Quebec and Cochrane, Alberta, are open 7 days a week, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, specifically catering to emergency osteopathic needs.

How Quickly Can I Get an Appointment for Emergency Osteopathy at Axiom Plus?

Our team at Axiom Plus is committed to offering same-day appointments across all our locations, including Cochrane, to ensure prompt and efficient care for emergency cases.

What Types of Conditions are Treated by Emergency Osteopaths at Axiom Plus?

Our emergency osteopaths treat a variety of conditions including back pain, sciatica, neck stiffness, locked jaw, migraines, headaches, and various digestive disorders.

How Do I Make an Emergency Osteopathy Appointment at Axiom Plus?

To make an emergency osteopathy appointment at Axiom Plus, you can contact us directly at 514-212-9482 or use our online booking system. We ensure accessibility and convenience for our patients, even in urgent care situations.

Old Terrebonne

610 Montée Masson J6W 2Z6

Rosemont – Beaubien

6015 Rue Louis Hémon H2G 2K5

Bélanger – Pont Viau – Duvernay – Auteuil

1 place Laval H7N 1A1

Historic District of Rosemère
Old Rosemère

388 Chemin de la Grande Côte
J7A 1K7

Close By Cochrane Urgent Care Center
Just above Two Pharmacy

100 Grande Boulevard Suite 203 T4C 2G4

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