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Why Become a Franchisee?

Our journey began with a single clinic, driven by a passion for holistic health and a commitment to excellence. Today, Axiom Plus stands as a leading osteopathic care brand in Canada, with over + 27000 clients served, 29 osteopaths trained, and 5 clinics opened nationwide.

The osteopathy market in Canada is not just growing; it’s thriving, offering a lucrative opportunity for those ready to make a difference.

Here’s why joining us makes perfect sense:

Expanding Market
The demand for holistic health solutions is at an all-time high.
Proven Success
With a growing number of satisfied clients and successful clinics, our model is proven.
Support and Training
We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure your success.


Clients served


Osteopaths trained


Clinics opened nationwide

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    Frequently asked questions

    Common Questions and Answers about Franchising with Axiom Plus:

    What is Axiom Plus and what sets it apart from other osteopathic clinics in Canada?

    Axiom Plus is a well-established brand of osteopathic clinics known for its cutting-edge treatments, professional staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our clinics offer a unique approach to holistic healthcare that combines traditional osteopathic techniques with modern advancements, providing our patients with exceptional results.

    How does the franchising process work with Axiom Plus?

    The franchising process with Axiom Plus involves a thorough evaluation of potential franchisees to ensure they align with our brand values and standards. Once approved, franchisees receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to our proven business model to help them succeed in operating their own Axiom Plus clinic.

    What are the initial costs and fees associated with franchising with Axiom Plus?

    Franchisees are required to pay an initial franchise fee, as well as ongoing royalties and marketing fees. These costs are outlined in the franchise agreement and are essential for accessing the brand recognition, training, and support provided by Axiom Plus.

    What support and resources does Axiom Plus offer to franchisees?

    Axiom Plus is dedicated to supporting its franchisees every step of the way. We provide comprehensive training programs, ongoing operational support, marketing assistance, and access to a network of experienced professionals within the industry. Franchisees also benefit from our established brand reputation and customer base.

    How does Axiom Plus help franchisees attract customers and grow their business?

    Axiom Plus assists franchisees in developing effective marketing strategies tailored to their local market. We provide proven marketing materials, digital marketing support, and guidance on community outreach initiatives to help franchisees attract new customers and build a loyal client base.

    What are the qualifications and characteristics of a successful Axiom Plus franchisee?

    Successful Axiom Plus franchisees are passionate about healthcare, customer service-oriented, and have strong leadership and business management skills. They should be dedicated to upholding the brand’s values and delivering exceptional care to patients while also being committed to growing their business and contributing to the overall success of the Axiom Plus brand.

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