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Magali Lefévère

Osteopath D.O.M.P in Cochrane, Ab

Magali Lefevere - Osteopath in Cochrane

My approach to osteopathy revolves around three key principles: globality, attentiveness, and curiosity. I believe in treating the whole person, recognizing that the body's different systems are interconnected and interdependent. Active listening, both to the patient's verbal expressions and the body's palpable cues, is at the heart of my practice. This attentiveness allows me to provide more effective and respectful care. Additionally, my insatiable curiosity drives me to continuously explore and understand the unique needs and histories of each patient, making my profession a truly fascinating journey.

Magali LefévèreOsteopath D.O.M.P

An attentive, precise, and effective osteopath.

A recognized degree

Graduated from ISOSTEO in Lyon, France. Training program meeting WHO criteria: over 5,700 hours of full-time training over 5 years.

Specialized training

All the way long, Magali has completed several postgraduate courses focused on pediatric care, pregnancy, fertility, women health, autism and many more.

Up-to-date knowledge

Magali is a relentless truth-seeker in the realm of health, passionately committed to unraveling the complexities of the human body and its interconnected systems.

The services offered by Magali Lefévère


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopath

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent needs.

Women’s health

Fertility dysfunction, hormonal issues, perineal pain, digestive system.


Supporting you towards performance

Testimonials from Magali’s patients

Read what our customers are saying about Magali.

Pamela GroulxGoogle

Magali was amazing. She took time to understand me and my issues. She was kind and her treatment was so gentle, soft and comfortable. I have never had an osteopath before, but I will definitely go back again.

Laura WhiteGoogle

Magali's 5-star ratings are well-deserved. She's an amazing osteopath who genuinely listens to her patients and provides effective, personalized treatments. I couldn't be happier with my results.

Michael AdamsGoogle

I can't recommend Magali enough. Her dedication to patient well-being is evident in every session. I've seen remarkable progress in my health under her care.

Meet Magali Lapalud

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“The foundation of my practice is built on active listening. I value both auditory listening, which involves carefully hearing and understanding my patients' concerns and symptoms, and palpatory listening, where I attentively feel and respond to the body's needs. This attentive listening forms the basis of effective and respectful patient care.”

Magali LefévèreOsteopath D.O.M.P


My personality is marked by curiosity and a deep desire to understand and help others. I find immense fulfillment in exploring the intricate workings of the human body and the unique stories and needs of each patient

and curious

This curiosity drives me to constantly seek solutions tailored to individual problems. Furthermore, I am a compassionate and empathetic individual, committed to providing care that is not only effective but also considerate of my patients’ physical and emotional well-being. I believe in the power of collaboration and patient-centered care, focusing on delivering personalized solutions and establishing an environment of trust and mutual respect.

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced Techniques

Visceral Osteopathy
Musculoskeletal Osteopathy
Structural Osteopathy
Functional Osteopathy
Cranial Osteopathy
Tissue Osteopathy
Myofascial and Myotensive Techniques

Varied requests

Digestive Sphere
ENT Sphere
Gynecological Sphere
Sports Management
TMJ and Jaw Disorders

Multiple experiences

Professional Cycling Practice

Make an appointment with a professional osteopath

Renowned osteopathy clinic in Cochrane.

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There is no one-size-fits-all protocol that we apply to every patient. On the contrary, osteopathy offers a completely individualized approach, based on each patient, their unique journey, and their specific situation.

You are unique, and each consultation is as well.

The approach offered by osteopathy is complementary to traditional medicine. It does not replace it but rather complements it. Always with the aim of working in synergy with you first and foremost, as well as with all the professionals who surround and support you. This is the essence of a true therapeutic alliance.

Sports Follow-Up

Osteopathy offers a comprehensive approach to achieving various objectives. Whether it’s preventive action, performance enhancement, recovery from an injury, preparation for a sports event or competition, or improving your athletic movements and posture, our team provides personalized and individualized support tailored to your goals and expectations. Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or semi-professional athlete, we can assist you with performance, recovery, and resuming your sports activities. Regardless of your current stage in your practice, we can work in synergy with the existing medical team that supports you.

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Where can you consult Magali Lefévère?

Osteopathic Clinic In Cochrane, Ab

Just Above Two Pharmacy

100 Grande Blvd #203

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm

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Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone


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