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Marie-Caroline Bameul

DO Osteopath in Laval

Marie-Caroline Bameul - Osteopath DO

Dedicated to restoring the harmonious balance between body and mind, I employ a holistic approach in my practice, integrating the body's physical health with the psychological well-being of my patients. My practice thrives on the core values of listening, benevolence, and respect.

Marie-Caroline BameulDO Osteopath

An attentive, precise, and effective osteopath.

A recognized degree

Trained at the École Supérieure d'Ostéopathie in Champs-Sur-Marne, France, ensuring extensive knowledge and practical skills.

Specialized training

  • Pediatric Osteopathy
  • Aquatic Osteopathy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Extensive understanding of various health spheres, including digestive, gynecological, and pediatric care.
  • Proficient in a range of osteopathic techniques such as visceral and cranial osteopathy.

Up-to-date knowledge

Nutrition and Micro-nutrition
Continuous Professional Development
Integration of Innovative Approaches
Cultural Engagement

Services offered by Marie-Caroline Bameul


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Women’s health

Gynecological disorders, hormonal issues, fertility, digestive sphere, etc.


Supporting you towards performance


Digestive disorders, ADHD, ENT problems, dental braces, etc.

Testimonials from Marie-Caroline’s patients

Read what our customers are saying about Marie-Caroline.

Charlotte MommatonOn Google

I have had several appointments at Axiome Clinic and am very satisfied with the care and attention. I recommend!

Jean Claude HoOn Google

Very professional, I recommend. My back pain has disappeared since!

Clémence BalletOn Google

Very professional and attentive, I recommend this clinic!

Mathilde PerallatOn Google

Two very good sessions that got me back on track for several months. I appreciated the approach, very attentive and effective.

Caroline de RosierOn Google

Quick appointment, attentive practitioners, and effective treatments! I recommend.

Anne FiliatraultOn Google

Very competent staff!! Beyond my expectations!

Sarah ZiganOn Google

The best osteopath! He finally found what was causing my pain. I recommend him!!

Isabelle AyotteOn Google

A very good place to get your back realigned. The service is very quick and efficient.

Jo MaisonneuveOn Google

Great service, great care, my family and I have seen several of the clinic's professionals and we are very satisfied.

Elisabeth LadouceurOn Google

A great team of attentive and competent people! I recommend them to everyone!

Meet Marie-Caroline Bameul

deudon axiome ostéopathie

“Embracing osteopathy was a deliberate choice to aid patients in their journey towards holistic health. I am driven by the profound satisfaction of seeing patients regain their balance, not just physically but also in their mental well-being. My practice is an amalgamation of technical skill and heartfelt empathy, always putting the patient's needs at the forefront.”

Marie-Caroline BameulDO Osteopath

Dynamic and Compassionate

Marie-Caroline is an avid participant in activities like cycling, salsa dancing, and pilates. These hobbies reflect her dynamic nature and her commitment to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle, which she believes is crucial for both physical and mental well-being.

Culturally Engaged and Insightful

Marie-Caroline not only seeks to enrich her professional knowledge but also enjoys cultural activities. She recently visited an exhibition on Asian medicines, watched the insightful film “A Real Job”, and deepened her understanding of patient care by studying the impact of language in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced techniques

  • Biodynamic, Hemodynamic, Tissue, Fluidic Osteopathy
  • Myofascial and Myotensive Techniques
  • Musculoskeletal, Structural, Functional Osteopathy
  • Cranial, Visceral, Pediatric Osteopathy
  • Additional techniques including Niromathé, Cupping, Tapping, Dry Needle, Brain Gym, Primitive Reflexes, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback

Varied requests

  • Proficient in addressing a wide array of health spheres such as digestive, ENT, gynecological, somato-emotional, geriatric, neurological, and more.
  • Special focus on pregnancy, postpartum care, babies, pediatrics, athlete care, TMJ and jaw disorders.

Multiple experiences

  • Marie-Caroline excels in pediatric, aquatic and post-cancer osteopathy

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Renowned osteopathy clinic in Laval

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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ protocol that we apply to each patient. On the contrary, osteopathy proposes a completely individual approach, based on each patient, each journey, each situation.

You are unique, and so is every consultation.

The approach proposed by osteopathy is complementary to that of traditional medicine. It does not replace, but rather complements, always with the intention of working in synergy with you in the first place, but also with all the professionals who surround and support you. This is the true therapeutic alliance.

Women's health and osteopathy

Because your health and well-being are important, it is necessary to meet experts on these topics. Hormonal balance, thyroid disorders, functional gynecological osteopathy, uro-gynecological sphere, sexuality, menopause, pregnancy and postpartum, weight management, stress, sleep, etc. If you are looking for an osteopath to accompany you naturally in all these spheres, don’t wait any longer.

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Where to consult Marie-Caroline Bameul?

Osteopathy Clinic in Laval

Bélanger – Pont Viau – Domaine du Boise – Duvernay – Vimont – Auteuil

1 place Laval – Suite 160

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm
Until 10 pm from Tuesday to Friday
Open Sunday for emergencies

Payment by credit, debit, or cash
Receipt for insurance


Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone


Mother & Infant

Two consultations in one: for you and for the baby - Reduced rate to allow better access to care during the postpartum period - $185 instead of $210 for both consultations


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Make an appointment with Marie-Caroline, at our Axiome osteopathy clinic in Laval.