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Olivier Castang

DO Osteopath in Laval

Olivier Castang - DO Osteopath in Laval

My practice is based on three fundamental principles: active listening, a holistic approach, and never saying no. You remain fully in control and an active participant in your therapeutic journey. For this, active listening is essential to get to know and understand you. Respecting your choices and decisions also involves offering a holistic approach, which makes it possible to truly support you.

Olivier CastangDO Osteopath

An attentive osteopath, open and offering a holistic approach.

A recognized degree

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Osteopathy Isostéo in Lyon (France). Training that meets the criteria of the WHO: more than 5,700 hours of training over five years full-time.

Specialized training

Up-to-date knowledge

Services offered by Olivier Castang


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopath

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent needs.


Pregnancy, childbirth preparation, postpartum, breastfeeding, etc.


Birth, sleep and crying, skull deformations, GERD, digestive disorders, etc.


Digestive disorders, ADHD, ENT problems, dental braces, etc.

Women’s health

Gynecological disorders, hormonal issues, fertility, digestive sphere, etc.


Supporting you towards performance

Neuromotor development

(Re)integrating primitive reflexes

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Renowned osteopathy clinic in Laval

Meet Olivier Castang

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“Some requests may sometimes seem outside the scope of osteopathy. As for me, I never say no. Of course, it requires the approval of your family doctor, but if there is no contraindication, there is often the possibility to help at our level. To act in synergy with your medical team so that you can regain comfort in your daily life.”

Olivier CastangDO Osteopath


Olivier himself has been a teacher in osteopathy schools, particularly in pediatric osteopathy and in the field of perinatality. Passionate, he also participates in research projects.

and Attentive

Olivier’s experience and expertise enable him to support you on the most complex subjects. Depending on your journey, history, and needs, he offers a tailored and relevant approach.

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced techniques

Visceral Osteopathy
Cranial Osteopathy
Functional Osteopathy
Hemodynamic Osteopathy
Tissue Osteopathy
Fluidic Osteopathy
Pediatric Osteopathy
Musculoskeletal Osteopathy
Myofascial and Myotensive Techniques
Muscle Energy Techniques
Endocrine Approach
Primitive Reflexes
Facial Unwinding

Varied requests

Digestive Sphere
ENT Sphere
Gynecological Sphere
Somato-Emotional Sphere
Sports Care
Energy Approach
TMJ and Jaw Disorders
Hormonal and Endocrine Sphere
Geriatric Sphere
Neuromotor Development of the Child or Adult
Neurological Sphere

Multiple experiences

Teaching in an Osteopathy School
Osteopath in a Maternity Ward Research Project
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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ protocol that we apply to each patient. On the contrary, osteopathy proposes a completely individual approach, based on each patient, each journey, each situation.

You are unique, and so is every consultation.

The approach proposed by osteopathy is complementary to that of traditional medicine. It does not replace, but rather complements, always with the intention of working in synergy with you in the first place, but also with all the professionals who surround and support you. This is the true therapeutic alliance.

Emergency Osteopathy

To meet your need for prompt care, we strive to offer same-day appointments.

When you’re in pain or require quick attention, contact us immediately. An osteopath can see you at one of our three clinics in Terrebonne, Laval, or Montreal, open 7 days a week, including Sundays and holidays.

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Where to Consult Olivier Castang?

Osteopathy Clinic in Laval

Bélanger – Pont Viau – Domaine du Boise – Duvernay – Vimont – Auteuil

1 place Laval – Suite 160

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm
Until 10 pm from Tuesday to Friday

Open Sunday for emergencies

Payment by credit, debit, or cash
Receipt for insurance


Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone



Appointments on Sundays and public holidays - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support


Mother & Infant

Two consultations in one: for you and for the baby - Reduced rate to allow better access to care during the postpartum period - $200 instead of $230 for both consultations


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