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Sophie Bacot

DO Osteopath in Terrebonne

Sophie Bacot - DO Osteopath in Terrebonne

Listening, femininity, advice: these are the three values that best define my practice. Femininity because my practice is oriented towards women's health, throughout all life cycles, from the first menstruation to menopause and beyond. Osteopathy offers a global approach that makes complete sense when we talk about women's health. Listening and advice both aim to provide therapeutic support that is meaningful in light of your uniqueness.

Sophie BacotDO Osteopath

A respectful, attentive, and available osteopath.

A recognized degree

Graduated from the Sutherland Osteopathic College in Bordeaux (France). Training meeting WHO criteria: over 5,700 hours of full-time training over 5 years.

Specialized training

Osteopathy, occlusion and posture - Alain Savoie
Osteopathic support for women - Claudine Ageron Marque
Tissue osteopathy - Pierre Tricot
Neuroendocrine approach to gynecology - Claudine Ageron Marque
Osteopathy and homeopathy - Jean Yves Kreiter
Fertility, gynecology, sexuality, and contraception - Elisa Boillot
Psycho-bio acupressure - Centre Delatte
Urogenital manipulation - Marc Naudin
Osteopathy, perinatality, and pediatrics - Roselyne Lalauze Pol
Restrictive oral ties - Caroline De Ville
Stress, anxiety, depression, the brain-gut-pelvis axis - Nathalie Camirand

Up-to-date knowledge

Arriving with my story (J’arrive avec mon histoire) - Claudine Ageron Marque

Services offered by Sophie Bacot


Comprehensive support, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopath

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent needs.


Pregnancy, childbirth preparation, postpartum, breastfeeding, etc.


Birth, sleep and crying, skull deformations, GERD, digestive disorders, etc.


Digestive disorders, ADHD, ENT problems, dental braces, etc.

Women’s health

Gynecological disorders, hormonal issues, fertility, digestive sphere, etc.


Supporting you towards performance

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Renowned osteopathy clinic in Terrebonne

Meet Sophie Bacot

ostéopathie émotionnelle quebec axiome

“My therapeutic approach is caring and adapted to each one of you. I have chosen to pursue training that allows me to develop an approach that also includes the somato-emotional sphere, your journey, your story, to offer a truly individualized and personalized approach.”

Sophie BacotDO Osteopath

In motion

Sophie practiced horseback riding for 25 years. Contact with animals brings numerous benefits and has helped her find balance in everyday life. Today, she practices crossfit. Movement, intensity, self-improvement, and connection with others are part of her daily routine.

Towards others

Her osteopathic practice is primarily driven by the desire to help people with their daily pains and ailments. A caring practice, with a resolutely global approach integrating other natural and complementary approaches such as homeopathy, the somato-emotional approach, etc.

The expertise of a qualified osteopath

Advanced techniques

Tissue osteopathy
Musculoskeletal osteopathy
Structural osteopathy
Functional osteopathy
Cranial osteopathy
Visceral osteopathy
Pediatric osteopathy
Myofascial and myotensive techniques

Varied requests

Digestive sphere
Gynecological sphere
Somato-emotional sphere
Geriatric sphere
Athlete care
Neuromotor development for children or adults

Multiple experiences

Horse riding and equestrian competitions
post-partum ostéopathe

Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Early Childhood

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy also means taking care of your baby, and this continues after birth. The postpartum period is a crucial time when it’s important to continue to seek support. The concept of the ‘fourth trimester’ of pregnancy is increasingly discussed. Breastfeeding establishment, hormonal balance, and sleep are all spheres that can be explored with an osteopath expert in perinatality. It’s also possible to consult from birth for your baby. All techniques used during pregnancy, postpartum, or in pediatrics are gentle and safe.

Women's Health and Osteopathy

Because your health and well-being are important, it’s necessary to meet with experts on these subjects. Hormonal balance, thyroid disorders, functional gynecology osteopathy, uro-gynecological sphere, sexuality, menopause, pregnancy and postpartum, weight management, stress, sleep, etc. If you’re looking for an osteopath to naturally support you in all these areas, don’t wait any longer.

femme ostéopathie

Where to consult Sophie Bacot?

Osteopathy Clinic in Terrebonne

Old Terrebonne

610 Montée Masson

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm
Until 10 pm from Tuesday to Friday

Open Sunday for emergencies

Payment by credit, debit, or cash
Receipt for insurance


Consultation Fees


From Monday to Saturday - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support - Open to everyone



Appointments on Sundays and public holidays - 45-minute consultation - Comprehensive support


Mother & Infant

Two consultations in one: for you and for the baby - Reduced rate to allow better access to care during the postpartum period - $200 instead of $230 for both consultations


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Make an appointment with Sophie Bacot, at our Axiome osteopathy clinic in Terrebonne